About us

Fellow Man Clothing was founded in 2018 as a new menswear brand aiming to provide a long lasting product of enduring appeal and quality. We believe that wearing an item of clothing for as long as possible - mending it if necessary - is the key to giving it character and authenticity. Wearing them and caring for the products you buy will do what no artificial process will ever convincingly achieve – create something that is well and truly yours.

Our garments and accessories are characterized by an emphasis on texture rather than pattern, we use a manly neutral and muted colour palette and our cut is contemporary while our products are firmly rooted in the world of classic menswear. Fellow Man Clothing is heavily influenced by British and Italian menswear and draws its inspiration from the wardrobe staples that shaped its worldwide reputation.

The name Fellow Man stands as a reference to the way we operate as a brand – looking after what surrounds us. With this in mind, we aim to use only natural fibres and materials. Our products are made using small and medium sized producers that are dedicated to creating a quality product made in a good workplace. We are interested in the best possible fit and quality for our products. To achieve this we use handmade and machine-made production methods depending on whatever process yields the better results. 

In short, we provide a product that is for more than one season and the antidote to fast fashion.